Bad Buoyz cartoon books are on the shelves!

Bad Buoyz first Book!

Bad Buoyz first Book!

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New Designs released! Even more Bad Buoyz tees are available!

bad buoyz ad-web

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New Volume in the works! The Maineland returns for it’s third volume of comics…

Check out all the latest cartoons on our Maineland Studios Facebook site!

Check out all the latest cartoons on our Maineland Studios Facebook site! 

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New Maineland daily comics on out Facebook page: Maineland Studios/Pillage Comix!!!

That’s right! Starting this week till May 20th. We’ll be posting new daily comics. April is here and MeCaf is just around the corner, Sunday May 20th! We’re ordering a new shipment of Maineland Studios comics from our publisher just in time for the show! So come and check us out in person and pick up the latest and greatest Maineland Comics and Art!!

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That’s right folks and you can pick up your copy at

Search: Maineland Studios for a list of our products for sale on-line!

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May 22nd 2011 Maine Comic Arts Festival!

Storming the comic festival!

Sunday was a great day for all who attended this festival that keeps getting better and better every year. Maineland Studios doubled it’s sales from a year ago and had a great location right near the entrance to the convention. Great artist were all over the place and the public was loving every minute of it. A big thanks to our on demand publishers “Ka-Blam! You guys rock and can’t wait to see our next book that under current production with you guys! Thanks again!!

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May 22nd Maine Comic Arts Festival!

Maineland Studios will be one of 100’s of local Maine and New England artists at the 3rd annual event held right here in Portland Maine $5.00 admission for adults…KIDS ARE

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Twisted Tales vol. 1 Cellar Fred is now Available!

The tall tale of where those missing socks scurried off too! A short story for all ages. Over 15 full color comic pages…On sale

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